Look how sweet Zuzanna looks. How wholesome. How fresh and tender. A lovely girl of only 24 years old. So how is it possible that Zuzanna could take such savage craphole drilling by the biggest scumbags of Europe? How could she use her lovely lips to suck cocks straight out of her own asshole? Because she likes it, that’s why! She likes having cum spewed into her open mouth. She likes having her asshole repeatedly reamed. Says Heinrich, the director of Zuzanna’s Anal Rampage, “Zuzanna has an anal compulsion of a magnitude I have never known. She demanded that her ass be filled with cock as much as possible. She wants it more in her anus than in her pussy! I could not argue with Zuzanna as she is a willful young woman and determined in her ways.” How much can Zuzanna’s pretty anus take before she’ll need to wear adult diapers for the rest of her life? In the movie Zuzanna’s Anal Rampage, her famous rectum was stretched beyond human endurance, and still she wanted more cock in her asshole and then in her mouth. This is raw pornographic sewage straight from the slime-coated gutters and whorehouses of Berlin, Germany, taped in a neighborhood so skuzzy and skanky that even the toughest vice cops are scared to go there. Even the editors of Voluptuous and SCORE magazines were dismayed at the filthy sex acts busty Zuzanna and her band of German girlfriends performed in this reprehensible pile of trash. Zuzanna’s Anal Rampage is not recommended for couples looking to heighten their sex lives. This is not vanilla porn for ladies. See it at your own risk. You may find yourself alerting your neighbors with a megaphone at three a.m. about this stinking garbage!


This is midwestern cutie Taylor Hill, a babe we never get tired of looking at because she’s always doing something different. In her March debut, she got wet by the pool. In the Holiday, she fingered herself on a pool table. Last October, she fucked and sucked, and now here she is getting nice and soapy. Why is Taylor wearing her clothes in the bathtub? Because we asked her to, that’s why. Because Taylor isn’t the kind of girl who says no to simple requests like, “Wear that pink lingerie in the water,” or “Fuck your pussy silly with that pink dildo.” And don’t you love the way that dildo matches Taylor’s outfit? Or do you just not give a shit? You’re too busy staring at her full, plump E-cup breasts and that nicely shaven pussy which, last time we saw it, was wrapped around a guy’s cock. And what will pretty, sexy, personable Taylor be doing the next time we see her? Well, anything we ask her to do, that’s what! “Most guys love to fuck my big tits,” Taylor wants us to know. “That gets me off, too. I don’t think that’s why they enjoy it, though. I think they love the fact that I can push my tits together and tighten them around their cock. I know they enjoy watching the head of their dick peek through the top of my titties and poke me in the mouth. I rather enjoy it myself! I’ve already made up my mind if I’m going to give a man some pussy from the moment I lay eyes on him. I can tell if he can satisfy me just by looking at him. If he meets my criteria, he could get lucky on the first date!” When in Centerville, Ohio, see Taylor at the topless club, Pazzazz. Bring your wad–and don’t forget to bring some cash, too!


Rachel Love was a hot Voluptuous model in the mid-’90s. The last time associate editor Elliot James remembers seeing her was at the adult section of the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Rachel was at a tiny booth representing a small adult video company. Then Rachel just completely vanished off the boob radar screens. Your editors at V-Mag never dreamed they’d see this sweet piece of sugar again, and her return to V-Mag is one of the highlights. Naturally, our tongues rolled out of our mouths and onto the floor when the name Rachel Love came up a few months ago. We would have bet serious paper that today she’d be an overweight housewife with three kids hanging onto her apron. Well, duh, we guessed wrong! So where’s Rachel been for the past six years? “Just in California, where I’ve lived my whole life. I had my fling at adult modeling and I had fun. I enjoyed most of it. I had no regrets when I stopped. I just wanted to try something else in life.” If you don’t have any of the older issues of V-Mag with Rachel’s earlier pictorials. We have several sets of her posted on the site. She’s actually changed very little. Her face and body have matured a bit, but she’s still looking as cuddly as she did six years ago. Back in the October Voluptuous, we published a pictorial of Rachel doing the cha-cha with a guy. It was a softie, of course, with Rachel’s hot mouth a fraction of an inch away from the guy’s stiff boner. Looking back on those days and on the censorship that we had to put up with, we don’t miss softcore photos one bit. Still, seeing Rachel’s little hand wrapped around a cock was better than nothing. Welcome back, Rachel Love!


Paula Burke would be the housewife of your dreams…if she ever gets married. Attractive, but not beautiful. Curvy body. Full, E-cup naturals. A relatively small ass that you know will pass the test of time. Not demanding. “I have likes and dislikes just like everyone else,” she said. “But I think the most important part of life is making people happy.” Go ahead, Paula! “I want to get married one day, if I ever find the right guy,” Paula said. “The problem is, I’m only 22, and every man my age I meet is only interested in one thing: sex. They don’t want to take the time to know me. They just want to grab my breasts and get into bed with me.” Say it ain’t so, Paula! The fact is, there are thousands of V-Men out there who would love to meet a sweet, kind college graduate who just happens to have a big set of flesh pillows. Just say the word, Paula. They’ll be at your feet.


“I have the sex drive of a trucker,” says Nikki, a new discovery who isn’t shy and bashful at all. “I like being the aggres- sor. I cum in all positions, and I’ll go all day.” All day long? How? Well, let her count the ways. She once had sex in a golf cart…on the golf course…while other people were playing. And she once had sex while playing Twister. Wow! How do you figure a girl like Nikki, a DDD-cupper who gets so hot and wild in her debut spread but has so many contradictions in her personal life? For example, she was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, home of conservative Mormons, but now she lives in Southern California, home of big titted blondes who love sex. Her favorite book isn’t Sixty Ways To Fuck My Ass. It’s The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. She loves playing tennis, but if she could do one thing better, it would be “taking anal.” Practice, honey. To hear Nikki tell it, sex with her is satisfaction guaranteed. “Lick my pussy ‘til I cum, then fuck me real hard,” she said. “I love to start with a good blowjob. I’ve perfected my technique. Some have called me a master of it. Nothing like a good, hard cock down my throat. Then I’ll get on top. Bet you guys’d love to fuck my jugs, too.” Now, with some girls, you figure they might be all talk, no action, but as Nikki proved on the previous spread (in the North American edition, that is; UK guys, you’ll have to subscribe), she isn’t shy about plugging her pussy with a dildo and her asshole with beads for you to watch. Because that’s just the kind of gal she is.


And the tits just keep on coming! Cherry Brady in February, Ines Cudna in March, Cassitty and now Nicole Peters this month. Guys, we’re glad we don’t have to vote for 2003 Newcomer of the Year. Nicole’s double debut in the April issues of SCORE and Voluptuous is the stuff of wet dreams. Is Nicole on a par with other natural UK superstars like Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie and even the incomparable Linsey Dawn McKenzie? Time will tell–and you’ll be the judge of her greatness–but at first glance, she measures up. Not that Nicole thinks she’s so great. She had never even given a thought to modeling for big-boob mags (or to modeling nude at all) when a photographer of gothic models somehow came across her, realized she wasn’t goth at all and sent her our way. Thanks for the rack, bud. We all hope Nicole will get over her shyness and show us more. But let’s not be greedy, gentlemen. Nicole is yet another tit terrific discovery. A universe of creamy, fleshy, mashable, fuckable floppers you can bury your face and your dick in for the rest of your life. And there’s something about a sweet girl like Nicole that teases you, that makes your Johnson that much harder. Like Nicole’s easy-swinging J-cups maybe? Like those saucer-sized areolae that you’ll see Nicole licking right here, and in the April? And there’s more Nicole to come, V-Men, because as this is being written, she’s down in southern Spain with fellow V-Girls Ines Cudna, Cassandra and Kerry Marie. Fact: The other three girls were amazed by Nicole’s breasts. Now that’s saying something.


Lovely Mariana has made such an impression with tit aficionados, we just had to feature another pud-pulling pictorial of her. When she originally shot her video A Day With Mariana, this Ukrainian born art student had us squirting sperm all over our canvas with her enthusiastic tit and twat massaging and masturbation scenes. Damn impressive for a beginner. “I hope my fans will like this video,” she told us. “My body is my art form, and I want to exhibit it.” We like a girl who’s eager to please. “My breasts started growing when I was 12,” she said, “and they didn’t stop until about six years later. I guess I was lucky.” Hey, lucky us.To pursue her studies, Mariana emigrated from Ukraine to Israel, which she now calls home. When you see her hooters jump out of her blouse while she’s playing tennis in A Day With Mariana, watch ‘em float while she does the backstroke in the pool and whack yourself silly as she soaps ‘em up in the shower, you’ll agree she’s a true erotic artiste.  Good enough for The Boobenheim Museum? Slim’n stacked Mariana is a true work of art. While Mariana’s happy to lick her pale areolae and give us panoramic views of her creamy DD’s, her pussy and her asshole, her poses have been strictly X-rated. No boy-girl nasty stuff for her, at least for now. She’s rather refined, for those of us who appreciate more intellectual and esthetic pursuits. “I’ve thought about doing boy-girl, but I decided it wasn’t for me,” she said. “I kept thinking to myself, ‘What if I am not happy about this one day. We have to live with our actions. So, for now, I’m happy doing just this.”


In a situation that should be reported to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not for a possible story, V-Mag is happy to announce that Joy Juggs is making a double debut in both V-Mag and XL. What makes it so heartwarmingly special is that Joy is fucking and sucking the bloated shaft in both layouts. That’s right, boys, you’re not getting that traditional solo debut; no months or long years of slooow tease, maybe some mild finger insertion much later. No, Joy introduces herself with cock filling her mouth until her cheeks bulge, like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter. Joy, honey, our pants are off in your honor. We’d like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Juggs for giving Joy to the reader ship of V-Mag. Born in London, Joy now lives in South Florida. (There’s a sign in the Port of Miami that says, “Give us your tired, your poor, but mostly, give us your huddled masses of big boob flesh yearning to be free…”) In the new video and DVD XL Xtra #2, you’ll see Joy grind cock and chew balls and get stuffed with V-Meat. Our V-Mag surrogate glazes Joy’s lips with man frosting, which Joy uses to play cum games. As the screen fades, Joy responsibly licks the stickiness off her tits. With a body like hers, and the way she uses it, Joy has a bright future in the hospitality industry.


The wait is over, and it’s been too long! Finally, we get to see English titty wonder Denise Davies get some sausage between her massive clappers. It’s a wonder she didn’t knock this dude out with one swing of a huge bristol. The pictures you’re looking at are from the new video Voluptuous Xtra #6, starring Denise, Chaka T., Annie Swanson, Melissa Carey, Gwen Sanders and Andrea. It’s a dandy! Denise has her man bag grip down perfectly as she swallows this English dude’s prick to the bollocks and back again. But face it, you’ll want to see Denise either on VHS or DVD to experience the thrill of seeing how she handles the meat-pipe. “First, I slowly run the tip of my tongue from the tip of the guy’s cock down to his balls, lick- ing them to get the guy really, really hard,” Denise says. “My hand grabs the base, gently rubbing up and down as I slide his cock further into my mouth, which is gently sucking on it. Eventually, I take his cock all the way into the back of my throat, deep down, sucking and licking the length of his shaft from top to bottom. Soon he can hold off no more and shoots his cum over my waiting mouth.” Reader T.A., who is a strong Denise supporter, writes, “The next time you feature Denise, I hope you include the weight of her dairy-filled tits in Bare Facts. How about weighing them twice? Once when they are filled with milk, and again after they have been sucked dry.” Well, T.A., sucking a model’s tits dry is the kind of behavior that sleazy amateur photographers indulge in. We think of ourselves as sleazy professional photographers. Besides, Denise would probably object to having her tits sucked dry. Anyway, buy this video if you love Denise. Just look at her tits taking a load here. If she had done it sooner, she might have run away with Model of the Year.


“Too much ain’t enough” pretty much sums up our attitude about black-n-stacked honeys. From Amanda White to Sammie Black, from Chaka T. to Sierra, the big, brown tits just keep on coming. Boob brothers, put your hands together now and grab your mansticks for Cassitty Harmon, a phenomenal new discovery whose tits are matched only by her sweet personality. In her own words, if Cassitty were a car, she’d be a Bentley the smoothest, most luxurious ride on the road. Cassitty is unique. Is she bigger than, say, Chaz, Jenny or Sammie Black? Probably not, but as associate editor Elliot James said, “She’s not like any of the other black-n-stacked girls. She‘s slimmer. I really dig her pancake tits and super-dark areolae.” Said editor Dave Rosen: “Cassitty’s cute. I’d love to stick my face in her ass.” Besides her bod, Cassitty’s sweet personality has won her lots of fans here, as well as in the clubs where she dances and whenever she’s out in public, of course. “A man attracts my attention with good conversation,” she said. “I don’t just jump into bed with anyone. I like someone who makes me laugh and who I can make laugh in return.” Cassitty loves attention. “Most of the time, I dress sexy because I love showing off my 40EEs. They’re kind of hard to hide, you know. I mean, I could wear big sweatshirts and T-shirts, but they’d only make me look fat, and I’m not fat at all. And I always wear a bra, except when I’m around my house, because I want my tits to still look good in 10 or 20 years. You see, my kind of guy isn’t going to get angry when I dress sexy in public, because my kind of guy is never jealous and loves to show affection in public.” Cassitty, we’d have no trouble showing affection to you all day long. We’re in love with you already.