ALADYA: You begged. You got her. Aladya’s back. And ready to be a very bad girl.

Canadian Aladya is the best argument we’ve seen for free trade. They send us girls with big tits, we get them naked. The last few times we saw Aladya, she was sporting the girl-next-door look. Now, she’s getting kinky. “I don’t want the guys to get bored with me,” she said. “I want to be in Voluptuous again and again.” Fine. Just show those F-cups. Yeah, Aladya’s outfit is kinky, and we’re sure some of you out there could put it to best use if you had the opportunity, but we really, truly didn’t have sex on our minds when we got her into this getup. We were thinking about tits. Flesh. Notice how Aladya’s snow-white flesh pillows are accentuated by this unique garb. The black vinyl wraps around her breasts and seems to squeeze them, just like you’d like to squeeze them, and provides a “tit frame,” so to speak (although in the above photo, her breasts overlap and overpower the straps). Aladya, who’s a big hockey fan, told us she once wore a similar outfit under her jeans and sweater to a Vancouver Canucks game. “Just knowing it was there got me so turned on,” she said.

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