“By sixth grade, I was already in a D-cup bra, and everybody said I stuffed my bra,” Bre told us during an interview that was published in the July. “I would get so mad, and I would start crying because I was so little. I was really little, and all these girls were tall and lanky, and I was short and cute with boobs, and they had no boobs at all.” Yes, there is a shameful boob prejudice in American schools. Yes, boob prejudice. The ugly side of life in the United States. Little, busty pixie Annie Swanson told us in her February V-Mag interview about similarly distasteful incidents during her formative years. There are more stories out there. Many more. We know it. Our boob sense tells us it’s so. Yet the newspapers and TV news stations blow it off, brush it under the carpet. They call your V-Editors alarmists, paranoid mental cases and worse. “One time, we were at this pep rally and all these guys were saying, ‘You stuff your bra! You stuff it with toilet paper!’” Bre recalled. “I lifted up my shirt and I said, ‘Yeah, that’s right. I stuff it with my titties.’ I got in trouble and got suspended!” A deplorable act, we say. Bre would be suspended for three days by her teacher. What a cocksucker! That man should have been fired. Another time, Bre caught a teacher looking down her top. He had a fuckin’ hard-on!  Do any of you think this is funny? That it’s a big joke? ”My boobs made me the most hated girl in school,” Bre cried. “I was always wearing short booty shorts, little skirts, tight little tops. They hated that, and I still don’t have any girlfriends to this day!”


Shantay is a hairy girl. Hairy ass, hairy pussy, hairy pits. For guys into hirsute ladies, Shantay is paradise. In Voluptuous Xtra #1 and in her last appearance in the February. this exotic Jamaican got into some hairpie munching with the equally hirsute Belinda, and here she is again, still unshaven…because she likes it, and she knows you like it. “To me, there’s nothing more natural than letting my hair grow naturally,” Shantay said. “When I first saw myself all shaved in your magazine, it didn’t look right. It didn’t look like me. I’ve never had a man complain about my hairy armpits and pussy, and if one did, I’d show him the door. “ Of course, there’s more to Shantay than just her warm fuzziness. We could snack day and night on that sweet coffee skin of hers and cream on those pendulous DD-cup melons. And although we’ll probably get plenty of letters from readers saying, “Tell Shantay to go buy a razor,” we know many more will be jacking furiously over the rare pit licking photo on the facing page. Shantay’s twat to twat with Belinda in Voluptuous Xtra #1 is a muff marathon with lots of jug squeezing, nipple pulling, French kissing and hairy action with dildos and vibrators. We get to see some amazing wide open spreads of Shantay’s furburger and her flaming hot cunt. What’s cool about a hirsute babe with a very pink pussy is the shocking contrast between the darkness of her muff and the color of her cunt. Can you imagine going down on Shantay, working your way through her pussy forest and uncovering that wet, pink goodness? It’d be worth the journey.


V-Men, picture this: It’s Friday afternoon, payday, and you’re dreading spending your entire lunch hour at the bank. But while standing in the long line, you notice behind the counter a statuesque blonde whose breasts are threatening to pop a few buttons off her sheer, button down shirt. You catch her eye, she returns your glance and suddenly, the wait doesn’t seem so terrible. Meet Romy, a fetching fraulein who hails from Germany’s southern region of Bavaria. She’s a customer service assistant for a bank, and that means she knows all about handling your deposits. Romy has an imposing presence, and we’re not just talking about her E-cup zeppelins. Full bodied might be the word. Those hips and ass look like they can handle some serious action. Can we assume she likes to be the dominant sex partner? Romy smiled. Working for customer service in a bank, does she have to deal with guys’ bad jokes about making a deposit, like the one we just made? She laughed, globes jiggling. We like a girl with a sense of humor, especially one of few words. And we couldn’t help noticing that her fingernail polish matches her blue bra and panties. “I have a different nail polish for all the different colors of lingerie I own,” she said. “I think it looks sexy.” Okay, so you’re near the front of the line at the bank, and you keep letting people go ahead of you because you want to be serviced by the babe with the big rack. Finally, your turn comes, and when she says, “Can I help you?” you have to control your smile. And when she counts out your money, you’re not looking at your greenbacks, you’re trying to look down her blouse, wondering if those are her areolae peaking out from her bra and saying to yourself, “I wonder if she’d pose for a magazine like V-Mag?” But do you have the guts to ask?


They grow ’em big in the Ukraine, and they grow ’em sturdy. Here’s newcomer Olena, who’s going to turn 30 in a few months and wants to know if guys still find her sexy. She came to the right place. Olena, a secretary for a big company in Kiev, is the kind of woman many V-Men love: built for maximum comfort. Here at Voluptuous, we consider it our solemn duty (well, okay, we have a helluva good time) to bring you the finest selection of plumpers on the planet. Olena considers it an honor to be in V-Mag. “We are now much freer in the Ukraine than we ever could have been,” Olena said. “The reason so many women from this part of the world pose naked is to express our freedom. My mother never could have expressed her sexuality like this.” Parents. Let’s not talk about parents. Let’s talk about Olena’s soft curves, heavy E-cup floaters and large, dark areolae. Olena clearly enjoyed posing naked for the first time. As you can see, she likes to play with her breasts, and she’s not shy about inserting toys into her juicy muff. Olena’s shape reminds us of Sweety, January’s Plumper of the Month, although Sweety is a much larger woman. Both can pack on the pounds and still remain curvy, and for most V-Men, there’s nothing better than that.


We knew Jezhabelle was going to be a hit when we asked her what she thinks is sexy. “To watch a man masturbate,” came her reply. And what does she do in her spare time? “Have lots of sex.” Now this is a girl we can get close to. As the letters in this month’s V-Mail show, Jezhabelle’s become a V-Mag favorite, even though she’s had only one other appearance. She’s scoring big in the Newcomer of the Year voting and will be in the hunt to the end. No surprise. With her suckable DD-cup rack and bountiful booty, she’s prime for V-Mag. And her first video performance, a you-are-there dildo suck and fuck in Stacked & Packed #4, is the closest thing you’ll get to boy-girl XXX without the boy. Jezhabelle sucks a dildo that’s attached to our videographer’s crotch. Then she mounts the dildo. Then she gets fucked by it. Yippee! Look at those tits! Look at that fucking ass! If V-Mag were an ass mag instead of a tits and ass mag, Jezhabelle would still be a star. Her body is special. She looks like, and is, a big girl, but all her lines and shapes flow beautifully together. Her saucer sized areolae compliment her avocado shaped boobs. Her round butt compliments a perfectly shaped shaved snatch. One reader compared her to Thalia, a similarly sultry, curvy gal who graced our pages in the ‘90s. And Jezhabelle has a  way about her that inspires sex play. Jez just wants to have fun. Sex star potential aside, she’s no diva. She prefers simple joys, like “fucking all night while it rains.” We enjoy jacking to Jezhabelle… rain or shine.


Jade is the rarest of rare, a naturally big titted Asian. Discovered by Scoreland editor Elliot James, Jade sent us into a frenzy when she filled her pussy in our new masturbation video and DVD Stacked & Packed #4. But Jade is very soft spoken in person, and she claims she’s shy. V-Men, take a good look at these photos. Does this lady look shy? No way. And when she showed up at our studio wearing ass cheek exposing shorts and a cleavage revealing top, we knew she’d get nasty. How’s this for shy? Jade likes to have sex in public places. She confesses the things she’d like to try are exhibitionistic. “I’d like to go to one of those nightclubs where anything goes,” she said. “I want to look around and see people dancing and licking and fucking. I’d like to have sex on stage sometime in front of a horny masturbating audience. I like when someone, male or female, shoves a big, thick dildo in and out of my pussy. It makes me crazy. Sometimes my screaming will wake the neighbors.” She didn’t say if the neighbors have ever complained. So, how does Jade otherwise entertain herself? “I like watching female mud wrestling,” she said. “It’s funny and a little bit erotic.”  The Chinese are renowned for their knowledge of ancient sex techniques, compiled in the famous “pillow books,” and during her photo and video shoots here, Jade showed us some masturbation techniques we definitely took notice of. For example, she can do something most V-Men can do but most ordinary women can’t do: She can get herself off whenever she wants. In Stacked & Packed #4, Jade seems to cum on command, and she cums again and again. She orgasms while standing in a Tai-Chi warrior stance, thrusting her breasts forward and inserting the dildo at a 45-degree angle. “I can cum really strong when I masturbate,” Jade said. “Mostly, I don’t think about anything in particular. I just concentrate on how good the feeling is.” Try it, V-Men. Think about nothing but Jade’s tits. Now jack your cock. Feels good, doesn’t it?


The name is pronounced “Eeness.” The lady’s Polish. That’s right, V-Mag knows no boundaries in its search for world class breasts because you, V-Men, deserve it. Ines is a big titted newcomer who’s all too rare: perfectly proportioned, 100% natural, unassuming. A small town girl from the green fields of Poland. She describes herself as “shy.” Dresses down in public. Prefers jeans to tight skirts. And is still in high school. She’s the kind of girl you’d take home to meet the parents. Ines’ twin worldwide magazine debuts in V-Mag and SCORE (she’s also the covergirl of its March) mark her as someone special, and she is. She enjoys hip-hop music, movie thrillers and boxing. Her breasts started getting big when she was 13 years old, but she never got hassled by the boys in her class. She owns 25 bras. She doesn’t drive a car. Her favorite sex position? She doesn’t have one. And, best of all…she’s a virgin. Yep, this teen buster is untouched by man hands. Ines isn’t all looks and no brains. When she sees a man, she looks for “intelligence in his face.” Hmmm…we’re not sure what that means, but we’ll wipe the stupid smirks off our faces. Her perfect date would be “a romantic evening with a romantic man.” But not too romantic. So, at just 19, is Ines ready to become a big bust superstar? Is she the next Linsey, the next Sharday, the next Autumn (who she bears a striking resemblance to)? V-Men, you make the call.


Heather Michaels is a V-Girl who gets us hot. Boob-men prize her late-1990s pictorials in SCORE and Voluptuous (she was the first girl to go hardcore in SCORE) and her fucking and sucking performance in the video SCORE Xtra #2. And her return to V-Mag last year was a major big tit event. She’s bigger, better and, as you can see here, raunchier. Now making her seventh appearance in V-Mag, Heather has come a long way since her days as a lifeguard in West Palm Beach, Florida. As we trace her appearances over the past five years, we see that she’s gained hooter and hip heft and is, all around, more of what V-Men love. Heather has always been a world class cock sucker, as these photos show. Just check out the over the shoulder knob gobble she’s performing on the facing page. And look at how she continues to blow bone even as excess nut juice overflows from her mouth. Her wide body physique lends itself to heavy duty fucking and sucking. Some girls are built like a brick shithouse. Heather’s a battleship with 38DDD guns. Think we’re kidding? The dude in this pictorial did. He thought he could conquer Heather, but after servicing her, his dick was drained, his empty balls were ravaged and he had the biggest fucking smile on his face. Put yourself in his shoes. You wish.


It’s only been a few months since Las Vegas sexpot Gwen Sanders debuted in the January of Voluptuous, and here she is, already, playing for keeps with real beef. Sin City, indeed. We found out that bad little Gwen likes to be plowed with U.S. Prime Grade-A sirloin and topped off with a faceful of tapioca. “I guess I got lonely the first time I posed,” Gwen said. “I wanted some company. I would’ve happily fucked the photographer, but he was too much of a professional. This is what I would’ve done to him.” “I like to have sex as often as I can, and fucking for the camera is like being a bad girl with everyone watching,” Gwen said after our cocksman plowed her pussy and showered her face and tits with cum. “When people meet me for the first time, they think I’m so sweet and innocent. The next time anybody thinks that, I should pull out this magazine and show it to them. That would change their opinion in a hurry.” Don’t do it, Gwen. The women will think you’re a slut, the men will think you’re easy. “I’m not easy,” Gwen said. “I carefully choose my sexual partners. But I always make sure I have one.”


“I feel the best parts of my body are my boobs,” says Gemma, another of our array of big-titted beauties from the United Kingdom, land of flesh pillows. Gemma’s a down to earth gal who likes what real men like: boxing and beer. Oh, yeah, she likes to dance, too, and when she does, she wears high heels, short skirts and tight tops. Quite a sight. The world needs more girls like Gemma. She listens to working-class rockers like Bon Jovi. Her favorite TV show is South Park. She had her bellybutton pierced and shaved her pussy ’cause she thought it would improve her sex life, which didn’t need help in the first place. Guys have done some pretty whacky things in pursuit of Gemma’s tits and pussy, and she’s heard it all. So, how can you make time with this compact and stacked boober? “Well, the first thing is physical, I have to admit,” she said. “I like a man with nice eyes, and I don’t just mean the color. I mean kind, gentle, intelligent eyes. Guys who take risks turn me on, too. I’d love to have sex in a glass elevator, and it would take a daring person to do that.” Go ahead, Gemma. Dare us.